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2024 Officers


Upcoming Event:

July 5th — Fly Culture Brunch and Fly-In @ Terminal Building

July 13th – Membership Meeting Cancelled

July 19th – New Orleans Golden Eagle- Excite Allstar Camp 10am-2pm

July 20th – Big Easy Wing “kaydet”-BSA  Aviation Merit Badge Class

N’Awlins Lady 1943 Stearman

Who we are:

The Big Easy Wing is a newly formed organization officially designated on Friday, April 28, 2017 by the Commemorative Air Force (CAF). Designed to acquire, restore and preserve WWII Warbirds to flying conditions as well as educate our community through stories told through flight, events and artifacts.

If interested in attending a meeting and purchaing a flight contact us by calling 504-445-N2S5

CAF- Big Easy Wing Mission  is: To Educate, Honor and Inspire through Flight!

We want you! Individuals who are interested in aviation, in honoring the military and in learning the historical importance that these aircraft served in the War. We are looking for all interested people whether you are fascinated by restoration, public relations, educating cadets or piloting one of these phenomenal aircraft’s. To become a member of this organization, you must first become a member of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) which is $225.00 per year. The Big Easy Wing dues are $50 per year. 

New pilot Kris Caldwell with Wing Leader Harold Buchler and member Joey Madere
Mike and Pat Quigley


Hangar Location:

We are located next to the Lakefront Airport FAA Tower.  Follow the ARFF Fire Department signs.

BEW Hangar

Directions to the Big Easy Wing hangar

  • Take Stars and Stripes Boulevard on the south shore of Lake Pontchartrain to Igor I. Sikorsky Drive.  · Look for the blue sign that reads Lakefront Airport at the top and below that, FAA Control Tower, etc.  Turn at that sign.
  • Drive north on Sikorsky as it bends around to the left.
  • At the stop sign, turn right and continue north toward the lake.
  • As you approach the sign that reads FAA Control Tower, go just past that and look beyond the fence on the left for a large hangar, the home of the Big Easy Wing (BEW) of the Commemorative Air Force.
  • Pull into the grassy area outside the fence line and park facing the hangar.  The airport’s Fire Station will be on your right.
  • Enter through the walk-through gate which is fairly close to the Fire Station. Please close and latch the gate after entering.
  • Look both ways before crossing the taxiway. Stop for any vehicles or aircraft moving on that strip of asphalt.
  • Walk straight ahead to the front door of the hangar. You will be greeted by one of the BEW members just inside the door. Enjoy your visit!

Next Step: Become a contributor!

1. To  keep “N’Awlins Lady”  flying   — Please Donate

2. To  educate our membership, community and youth about aviation and the role of aircraft in defending our nation-Please  Donate

3. To encourage flight experiences- Please Donate