Our Story

The Big Easy Wing is a newly formed organization officially designated on Friday, April 28, 2017 by the Commemorative Air Force, Head Quarters in Dallas, TX. We are dedicated to acquiring, restoring and preserving WWII Warbirds to flying conditions. We are dedicated to working toward accomplishing that goal.  This is our formative year.  We are working hard at fundraising so that we can bring a plane to New Orleans Lakefront airport.

Membership–Becoming a member of the Big Easy Wing puts you where the action is- close to the aircraft, maintaining the aircraft and educating the public.  Various skills are needed.  We need YOU!  To join our Wing, you must belong to the CAF.  Visit their website to join. Also, be sure to complete the Big Easy Wing application.  At this time, we have 3 level of membership for 2018: full membership, active military membership, and cadet membership (a student between the age of 13-23.) You can mail the application to the address listed on the application  or email it to [email protected].  Also, you can complete the Hold Harmless Form  and bring it to a meeting or email it to Robert Claypool– [email protected]

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CAF President Bob Stenevick visits the BEW

Meet the  2024 Team —Wing Leader Colonel Harold Buchler

Kris Caldwell (Mike Scott)–Operation Officer                         Terry Clausing-Maintenance Officer

Robert Claypool–Executive Officer                                         James Mykris–Finance Officer

Shirley Colomb–Adjutant Officer                                           Jim Buchler(Roger Jeffrey)–Educational Officer

Shirley Colomb–Development

Richard Wood–Safety Officer 

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Our Vision

Our vision is to acquire, restore, and preserve WWII warbirds to flying conditions.  Having warbirds located here in the area will give our community the opportunity to explore, enjoy and learn about the role these historical aircraft served in WWII. This ties to the Commemorative Air Force mission which is: “education, such that generations of Americans will value and support the contributions of military aviation in assuring our nation’s freedom.” By bringing a Wing to New Orleans area, we will expand on the CAF mission.

The Big Easy Wing will work to refurbish, educate and acknowledge the service that these warbirds served in the success of preserving our democracy by following the CAF objectives. CAF is a 60 years old organization.

Our unit leader and his team are diligently working to acquire an aircraft that will be based at Lakefront airport and/or Hammond Airport.


Next Steps…

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Or help us raise funds by booking a flight–coming soon.

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