2020 Officers:

Unit Leader–David Capo–dcapo1203@aol.com
Executive Officer– Robert Claypool–rclaypool@computercc.com
 Adjutant–Harold Buchler–hbuchler@bellsouth.com
Professional Development–Shirley Colomb–shirleycol05@outlook.com
Education–Jim  Buchler–jjbuchler@cox.net
Finance–Jeff Segner–espundia@aol.com
Maintenance–Terry Clausing-claustj@cox.net
Operations–JD Olson-jdolson5@gmail.com and Donald Allen–donalda28@hotmail.com
Safety–Dave Cantin –caf@cantin.org
PX/Communication–Shirley Colomb–shirleycol05@outlook.com

Our hangar is located at New Orleans Lakefront Airport KNEW

8550 Lloyd Stearman Dr. New Orleans,LA 70126

BEW Hangar

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