Lakefront Warbird Weekend Expo–November 6-8th  The planes, the sounds, and the stories of World War II aviation will come to KNEW. Aviation history will blasts into the skies as Texas Raiders, a fully restored B-17 Flying Fortress, thunders over New Orleans. On hand will be the locally loved open cockpit Stearman bi-plane the N’Awlins Lady of the CAF-Big Easy Wing. In addition, the powerful AT6/SNJ, the notorious SB2C Helldiver dive-bomber as well as the Navy transport Little Raider. Please see the flier for time and cost of the event.






WWII Veteran flight–October 18, 2020

Ernest Daunis, WWII and Korean Veteran, takes a ride in BEW Stearman for his 95th birthday.  What an honor!


The Big Easy Wing will be joining the WWII Museum in their celebration of Mr. Lawrence Brooks 111 birthday. The N’awlins Lady (1942 Stearman) will join other aircraft on September 12 for a 10:40 salute to Mr. Brooks. Please see the National Geographic article on Mr. Brooks who just happens to live in New Orleans.

Past Event:

UNITED WE FLY – 4TH OF JULY  The Big Easy Wing Flies Over New Orleans/ Hammond, LA

Big Easy Wing (BEW) of The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) will host “Honor Flights” over the city of New Orleans.  These flights will honor frontline responders and honor our country’s independence.  The first flight will take place at noon on Friday, July 3. This flight is the first of three scheduled for the 4th of July weekend.  We are honoring our frontline responders as part of the nationwide initiative of the Commemorative Air Force, United We Fly-4th of July.  This initiative invites the country to come together at noon across time zones to observe WWII aircraft adorning the sky.  As a nation we are stronger when we are united.

The airplane, a 1943 N2S Stearman, will be piloted by the lead pilot of the F-15  that escorted the B-52s Flyover recently. Lt. Col. Ben  Cook will take the Stearman with frontline responder on a  flight over New Orleans.

As part of the national CAF effort, the BEW will present “Honor Flights” over both the North and South shores of Lake Pontchartrain at noon, Saturday, July 4th.  Both flights will include WWII Stearman airplanes.  Not only will these flights be part of the national “United We Fly – 4th of July” flyovers, but the Big Easy Wing will be honoring three outstanding community frontline responders. The Northshore flight will originate from the BEW base located at the Hammond Northshore Regional Airport (KHDC) while at the same time, the Southshore flight will launch from the New Orleans Lakefront Airport (KNEW).

Look for us overhead around noon of the 4th of July as we celebrate the birth of America’s Independence!

Please be aware that the flight is subject to cancellation due to weather or other issues.  We will send out notification if there is a cancellation or delay on our social media page. We thank you for your understanding.  More detailed flight plans will be sent the day of the flights.

About the Big Easy Wing

The Big Easy Wing is a local chapter of the Commemorative Air Force, an international World War II flying museum. The wing was founded three years ago and operates from two bases located at Lakefront Airport and Hammond, Louisiana. The organization has more than 100 volunteer members who maintain and operate the aircraft, as well as host and attend aviation and educational events across the country. We are actively involved in our community and with donations from you, we will be able to continue supporting our community with special Flights like our Spirit Flight and our Honor Flight and  more educational projects.

You can also support us by becoming a member.  It is $50.00 per year.  Membership is open to anyone with an interest in aviation, history, education, or a sense of adventure. To learn more about the Big Easy Wing visit www.  Contact info:  David Capo, Wing Leader (, 504-416-4917.

Past Event:

St Landry Parish Warbird and Fly-in Expo June 26-28 – Opelousas

Open to the public on Friday, June 26 from 6 to 10 pm, Saturday from 9 am to 3 pm. and Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm.  Come out and see historic American military aviation up close.  Purchase a ride in our beautifully restored WWII Navy N2S (*) Kadet, a Boeing Stearman biplane used to train Navy, Marine and Coast Guard pilots that we call the “New Orleans Lady.”  Also, the Texas Raider and Little Raider will be at the show along with the AeroShell Aerobatic Team.


To book a Stearman ride, visit our partner Gulf Coast Wing website and click on Opelousas fly in and Warbird Expo  scroll down until you see “please use this form to book your Stearman flight.”

All riders must be:

  1. At least 18 years of age (with parents signed permission)
  2. Able to physically climb in and out of the aircraft under their own power.
  3. Under the weight limit of 250 lbs.
  4. Flexible as to flight scheduling due to weather conditions or other factors.

In addition, all passengers must:

  1. Check in a minimum of 1 hour prior to the flight departure time.  Passengers who fail to arrive and check in within this time frame may be subject to cancellation of their flight reservation.
  2. Sign a liability release which will be provided at check-in and must be completed and signed prior to boarding,
  3. Attend a safety briefing prior to boarding. There will be a crew member assigned to assist you in boarding, securing seat belts and answering any questions you may have.
  4. Wear suitable shoes and clothing.  Long pants are advisable and (Very Important) shoes must have closed toes and heels.  No flip flops, sandals, clogs or other loose shoes are allowed.  This is for your own safety.

Please note that the CAF is operating under special precautions to defend against the spread of COVID 19 and to help keep our crews and the public as safe as possible.  Precautions include masks, social distancing, and sanitation procedures during aircraft tours.  If required, a sterile, unused mask will be provided.

Passengers will be asked to complete a short questionnaire upon check-in to assess COVID symptoms and the possibility of recent exposure.

Additionally, passengers will have their temperature taken externally upon check-in.  Anyone with a temperature of over 100.4F cannot fly nor will anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

While we are making every effort to protect our crew and passengers and to reduce risk, social distancing is not possible for passengers being assisted by a qualified crew member while  boarding and being strapped into the open seat cockpit of this aircraft.  However, both the passenger and assisting crew member will remain masked during this time.  The passenger’s mask is to be removed once he or she is securely strapped in due to the risk of it being blown off by engine prop wash while on the ground or the wind while in flight.

Passengers who are over the age of 65 and/or who have underlying health conditions such as heart, lung or kidney disease, Diabetes, or autoimmune disorders. are advised to check with their personal physician before signing up to fly in this open cockpit aircraft.

With all that in mind and you truly want to sign up for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, go back to the top and book your flight now!

(*) A very similar Boeing biplane used to train U.S. Army Air Force pilots before, during and immediately following WWII was the PT-17, also called the Kadet.