A Grand Flag

The American flag, which hangs high in our hangar, was given to the CAF-Big Easy Wing by Donald Allen.  Donald was given this flag as a gift by his close friend, Lawrence Laiche, commonly known as Squint.  Lawrence requested from David Vitter, a LA state senator, a flag which flew over the US capital honoring our United States soldiers.  This is that flag.

Donald was pleased to donate this flag to the Big Easy Wing of the Commemorative Air Force.  Donald stated, “I could think of no better organization. It now has a special place of honor.  People will look at it, as it hangs high in the aircraft hangar. When we say the pledge to our flag of these United States, we can recall that this actual flag flew over our country’s capital honoring our US Soldiers, just as the Commemorative Air Force honors those great US airmen that flew over our enemies to give us our freedom.”

The American Flag was hung after our Saturday, January 19, general membership meeting.  Standing with the flag is Donald Allen and Terry Clausing.






Following our general membership meeting, we had another short day of working on Bill’s Stearman.  We had to upload the body of the plane to his trailer.  It took some manuevering but it was accomplished.  Thanks to all the men and women who helped out.


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