Big Easy Wing Assist with Harvey Relief

A Request for Help!
The Big Easy Wing responded. Chance Watson, director of Lakefront Airport, on August 29 sent out a request for HELP for our Houston neighbors.  The Lakefront Airport director was recruiting volunteer pilots to fly supplies to areas affected by Hurricane/TS Harvey.  They were asking for donations to be brought to Lakefront Airport.  A group called the “Cajun Airlift” comprised of local private pilots and planes were flying out of Lakefront with the supplies to the Houston area.

The Big Easy Wing assisted with this operation. On Sunday, Chanse, the director of Lakefront Airport asked for our Wing to help with GROUND OPS. Col. David Capo, our unit leader, was there along with several of our members.  Col. Erin Seidemann, our executive office, not only assisted with ground ops but also flew the supplies to various areas devastated by Harvey.


We are very thankful to the CAF Highland Lake Squadron especially Chris O’ Donnell Pilot, Mark Davis, Unit Leader and all others members who participated in this effort for bringing the C47/DC3 to New Orleans Lakefront to support the Cajun Airlift’s humanitarian relief flight. Besides the C47/DC3, there were approximately 15 additional aircraft. We sent upward of 15 thousand pounds of well-needed supplies to the Houston area. Thanks to David Capo, Unit Leader and all the Big Easy Wing members that came out to help. 

Photos by Jeannine DeFulco


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