CAF-BigEasyWing GiveNOLA Day May 7th

We are thrilled to share with you that we are participating in the 6th annual Give NOLA Day on May 7, 2019. Our Give NOLA Day goal this year to $3,000 which will be used to buy parts for our vintage PT-17 Stearman.  We want her back in flight so that future generation can learn about her history in serving in both WWI and as a primary trainer in WWII. This colorful Lady has a long and rich history of serving in the military, supporting agriculture growth and performing in aerobatic shows .  We want to Our Lady to inspire and educate future generations by offering informative airshows and community gathering at our museum.  Please help us return this iconic Lady back to the sky in her full glory by contributing to this fundraiser.

How can YOU help us restore our PT 17 Stearman, known as Our Lady?

  1. Mark May 7th, GiveNOLA Day on your calendar and go to GiveNOLA day website to donate to the CAF-Big Easy Wing!
  2. Help us spread the word. Tell you friends about GiveNOLA Day by directing them to and sharing how you participated and why they should.
  3. Invite your friends to explore our website the to learn more about us and GiveNOLA Day.
  4. Become a GiveNOLA Day Champion and help us spread the word on May 7th so that we can exceed our goal of $3,000. Contact CAF-Big Easy Wing at [email protected] for more information on getting more involved.

Just wanted to share with you this beautiful lady.  Help us get her back in flight!

Photo by Doug Webb

Thank you for your continued support of CAF-Big Easy Wing.  Your donations will help us fulfilling the Commemorative Air Force mission to “Educate, Honor, and Inspire through Flight”.

Please visit CAF Big Easy Wing link at


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