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Check this out! Our Lady’s next owner was a well-known New Orleans newscaster, Bill Elder. He was a multi-award-winning anchor-reporter for WWL-TV New Orleans. Bill (Calhoun Aviation) owned Our Lady from 1997 to 2001.  Bill Elder’s name for Our Lady was “The Spirit of Louisiana.”   If you were local to South Louisiana in the 90’s to the early 2000, then you can recall “The Spirit of Louisiana” being the promotional title for our local Channel 4.   See this video WWL-TV CH4 – Spirit of Louisiana – 1992 Promo.

As stated in the previous post, Bill Elder’s estate sold the Stearman to Carson Baker (pictured is Carson with our Stearman soon after it was purchased). As you can see from the photo, Our Lady was all decked out with a blue cowling and wheel pants.

Please check the website or FB next week for Our Lady’s next owner.  He is a WWII veteran and a distinguished individual.

We are now ending our 3rd week of the Commemorative Air Force 12 Planes of Christmas fundraiser.  We have had several donations made at to everyone who has contributed. The Big Easy Wing is a long way off from reaching its goal, but every amount donated helps the cause. As you know the Commemorative Air Force (CAF) is a 501 (c) 3.

The campaign is not over yet! If you have a few dollars that you want to donate to a charitable cause, then stop, and think about preserving this historical aircraft.  We want Our Lady’s history to be honored and her journey to continue. We need you!  If you would prefer to mail a check, then please send to CAF-Big Easy Wing 8550 Lloyd Stearman Blvd New Orleans, LA 7012 or you may visit our website and donate there.

Wishing you all love, peace, and happiness this holiday season!

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