It takes a Village!

One person can not do it all.  So thanks to all the guys who came to work at the hangar.

Today’s workday was very successful.    And the heat was not that bad.  There was a great breeze outside and Jim Buchler was able to start the two large fans with the help of his cadets (Dominic and Jonathan.)

There were several guys working on putting up sheetrock in the kitchen:  Donald Allen, Wayne Breaux, Harold Buchler, Terry Clausing, David Capo, Rick Kiser, and Jim Moreau.  It may be slow going but progress is being made.


Thanks to Donald Allen and Jim Moreau for taking some pics and David Capo for getting our volunteers to sign-in.  Donald and Shirley was there to take pictures and give support.                                                                                                           Parts for the Hangar doors came in and work has been started 

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