Making our Presence Known

Fantastic Event! The field was brimming with WWII aircraft and the sky roared with their engines. People were everywhere and they seemed to be impressed.

Our members worked hard on setup day–moving tents and setting up barricades.  On the days of the event, several of the members worked with the tank parade monitoring the crowd and others worked safety for the crowds.

On the first day, which is school day, our members were instrumental in helping kids identify the various planes and giving them historical facts about the planes were used during WWII.

Throughout the event, members manned our booth. It proved to be a very successful event for us. We meet many people and enrolled more than 20 new members to the Big Easy Wing. YEAH!

We do not have our own plane yet, but one of our members, Sonny, offered his plane for a raffle.  Over 50 people took a chance for a ride on a T-6G Texan.  We were able to raise money through this raffle.

It was a hard 3 days for everyone who came and especially for our Unit Leader.  But it was great exposure for us.

Thanks to everyone who was able to come out and join us.

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