Our PT-17 Stearman Journey 2004-2010

In the process of doing researching on our Stearman, I came upon an interesting article in a 2010 National Stearman Fly newsletter.  In this article, Stearman pilot and restorer David Burroughs of El Paso, IL recognized the importance of the Stearman’s contribution to our WWII victory.  Burroughs stated that “No other airplane trained more pilots. President George H.W. Bush and Astronaut John Glenn were both products of the Stearman.” 

The Big Easy Wing wants to continue the legacy of the Stearman by keeping this Lady flying.  However, we cannot do it alone, we need your support.  An overhaul of her engine requires money.  After one week of participating with the CAF annual fundraiser which highlights the restoration and repairs required by several participating aircraft, our aircraft has raised $650.00.  We appreciate everyone who has given.  Any and every amount given, will bring us closer to accomplishing our goal. Please consider donating.  You can visit either site to contribute to our cause.  https://www.crowdrise.com/o/en/campaign/big-easy-wing? or visit our website, the Big Easy Wing

To help you become acquainted with our Lady’s (PT-17 Stearman) and our passion to restore her, here is another chapter in her continuing journey. Presently, she is owned by American Airpower Heritage Flying Museum of the Commemorative Air Force (2018). But prior to that she was owned by Gypsy Barnstormers (2010-2017), a Delaware Corporation and the president was Mary Wilson.   The previous post contained  references to sites and photos from the Homer B. Wilson Museum. 

Preceding Gypsy Barnstormers ownership, our Lady was owned by Gina Moore of Warbird SkyVenture (2004-2010). Gina was noted for being the only female barnstormer for a period of time.  She operated out of Tennessee.  Here is a video of Gina teaching flying lessons using the PT-17 Stearman. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZnOgCqMEro

Visiting various sites of Gina Moore, I also found these photos which were taken by Carl Hennigan back in 2008 at Shreveport Airport.

Another site that I located that has a photo of our Stearman during this time period is: http://futurshox.net/aerothumbviewer.php?itaken=190&start=30.   

In our next post, I plan on reporting on Carson Baker ownership of our Stearman.  Mr. Baker sold the aircraft to Gina Moore.

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