Safety is Utmost!

At our August meeting, David, our Unit Leader, emphasized the importance of safety.  David showed us the National Transportation Safety Board Aviation Preliminary Report about the Bluebonnet Belle.  Many of you can recall that this aircraft was instrumental in assisting Cajun Airlift in delivering goods to victims of Hurricane Harvey (pic can be found under Service section on website) You may read the Transportation Safety report here: CAF Safety Bulletin #6A

At this meeting, members had the opportunity to sign up for ground school training that Jim Helms will be putting on Wednesday (August 22)afternoon and Saturday (August 25)morning.  Each of these trainings will review marshalling and other safety issues.  These classes are full; but, there will be more.  Everyone involved will need these trainings.

Since then, all units have received a mandatory video for pilots.  Please read!

CAF Fleet Wide Safety Stand Down Video

CAF Unit Leaders, Operations Officers and Maintenance officers,

   This Safety Stand Down video is MANDATORY VIEWING for all CAF pilots.  Watching this video and submitting the attachment is required before your next flight in a CAF aircraft!  All CAF Operations Officers and Maintenance Officers please ensure that this video is forwarded to all the pilots and Mechanics in your unit.  All CAF members are encouraged to watch this important Safety Stand Down video – widest dissemination please.

 Thank You,


 Jim Lasche

VP of Safety Operations & Maintenance

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