Work Continues at Hangar

This past Memorial Day weekend, the Big Easy Wing had a crew of volunteers out both Saturday and Sunday working on the office platform, steps and general clean-up inside and out.  Our wing has many wonderful volunteers who are willing to give a hand and their expertise.  The members put in a couple of long days trying to get the facility ready for our June 2 meeting.  The Board really appreciates all of those members who worked this past weekend. David is looking forward to showing off all the new improvements.

We are having a special guest speaker, CAF President Bob Stenevik, this Saturday.   If you are coming and you know someone who may be interested in knowing more about the Commemorative Air Force, please bring him or her. I have heard from many of you, already.  Reminder, please bring a chair and a bottle of water to this Saturday, 10am meeting.

See you there!



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